The Climax of a great month

Hello, World. Rumours of my death and reincarnation as the ghost of weblogs past have been greatly exaggerated. :-) I didn't plan to, but I took a holiday from HBWT this month.

It's a fitting way to mark my first anniversary with Tyrell -- we've re-launched our web site using Plone and issued a press release announcing the availability of the Plone 1.0 installer for Mac OS X.

I'm very happy to be working on content management again. This site was borne from the inspiration derived from the community of people that worked with early CMS/site management tools (Frontier specifically) and their pioneering weblogs.

Now that the ice has been broken and there's some new content here, and the projects I was focusing on at Tyrell are launched, hopefully I'll be posting again regularly.

Thanks for your patience!

Oh, and here's a cool non-Tyrell non-Plone link.

I'm all about open source

Written on February 24, 2003