The new Redmonk

Steve Ivy is one of my best friends, and an amazing designer. He's had a rough time with the job market lately, but it's given him the opportunity to revisit his entire skill base and realize all the talent he possesses.

He's been doing some design work lately, and the results speak for themselves.

His weblog used to be at Now that's the home page for interactive design & development. His weblog is now monkinetic. :-)

He's done a great job on his new site, and even though you can't see it from looking (seamless is good), his site is tricked-out with lots of dynamic, time-saving and error-avoiding features that the Conversant CMS offers.

I'm impressed, jealous, and proud at the same time. I'm so glad to see Steve put it all together, leverage all his skills, and take the bull by the horns.

There aren't many people with his design skills that possess his development abilities. If you need design or web work done, contact Steve.

Written on November 27, 2002