Self-destructing DVDs (and CDs)

CNEWS Tech News: Introducing...self-destructing DVDs

I mentioned this to Justin last week during our trip to Vancouver. I said, even if consumers might like this idea because they wouldn't have to return movies or have late fees (which Blockbuster says wouldn't be a problem, in the story above), it would be bad for business at video rental stores because people wouldn't HAVE to go back, and thus, stores would get about 1/2 as much traffic. Having the customers come back is a great way to get more business.

Disposable DVDs will just accelerate the NetFlix model, putting Blockbuster in a bad spot. And for that reason alone, I don't think this will happen.

When I brought up this concept with my brother-in-law Shane, who is 17, he immediately thought it was a bad idea because of the waste it would generate. I thought, what if rental places could collect the discs and send them back for recycling, or even offer credit in exchange for returned discs? Bring back 10 or 20 expired discs and get a free rental, that kind of thing. He didn't mind it as much then, and, that partially solves the problem of not having the customers having to return.

Imagine... instead of kids coming by asking for pop bottles for their soccer team fundraising, kids will be coming by asking for expired DVDs. :-)

Written on November 27, 2002