RE: WebObjects 5.2 released Apple Web app opens doors to others. A poorly written (or researched) article. It says Apple uses WebObjects for the webmail portion of .Mac. Actually, WebObjects is used for pretty much ALL of .Mac. HomePage, iCards, Signup, Login... and also the Apple Online Stores, Knowledge Base, and so on.

It also mentions that Mac OS X 10.2.2 has a "so-called journaling file system". So-called? It's not so-called, it *is* a journaling file system. Just because the term is unfamiliar to the author doesn't mean a Tech-News-First site should refer to it as "so-called".

WebObjects 5.2 is a very important update to WebObjects, vastly increasing the robustness and stability of Enterprise Objects, especially in multi-threaded situations. I'm not happy that WebObjects 5.1 users will have to pony up the full $699 for the new version, since the changes for 5.2 were driven by user requests (demands) that the problems with 5.1 be fixed, but there is probably enough value in the other new features (web services being one of them, better support for J2EE deployment being another) that it's worth the money.

Written on November 12, 2002