X-Box marketing getting more aggressive

It's very evident that Microsoft is pushing very hard with the X-Box right now.

At the annual computer show at Pearkes Arena last weekend, there was a large X-Box Live tent that had tons of X-Boxes running.

The Future Shop close to my house has organized their video game section the same way since it opened. There was one wide aisle with shelves on either side. X-Box was on one end of one side, GameCube across the way, PS2 on the other end of the same side as X-Box, and PSone and GameBoy on the other side with the GameCube.

Now, they've changed it. The two aisles on the inside are mostly X-Box games. GBA games are now where GameCube games were. GameCube and PS2 games have been SPLIT UP, with very small sections in the aisle's shelves, the rest of them relegated to equally small sections on the other side of the shelves on the aisles on either side... so before, you'd go in this one aisle looking for PS2 and GameCube, and now you'll primarly only see X-Box games and a huge amount of space for very few X-Box accessories like the DVD remote control. GameCube and PS2 owners have to walk around between two ailes. The main aisle also has been X-Box Live signs on each side above the shelves.

I asked the salesperson why they did it, he said he didn't know, and didn't like it. I asked if Microsoft is paying them to take over the prime shelf space where all gamers are used to going for their games, and he said no, but with a connotation like he really didn't know either way (he's just a sales droid after all).

If you're not an X-Box gamer, it really sucks. I don't know a single person that owns an X-Box.

Written on November 7, 2002