Enough-in-Two for OS X

We decided that an All-in-One solution was not realistic at this time. We also decided to forgoe the scanner for now, until we have a good use case for one.

Thankfully, I've settled on a printer, the Espon Stylus C82 and FAX Machine w/copier functionality... a Panasonic KX-FHD332C.

I tested the C82 this evening. It's drivers installed wonderfully in Jaguar, I printed a 3 page RTF file and a 4 megapixel image from iPhoto in greeting-card format. For the RTF File I chose the fastest settings. I've never seen an ink-jet printer print so fast!! And the quality, at the lowest setting, was better than the highest setting on my last printer. The photograph, using the "fine" preset in iPhoto, came out wonderfully as well. It was also faster than my old printer.

A few weeks ago I printed out 11 pages from Project Builder, 2 pages per sheet, in color, high-quality settings. It took about 35 minutes to print. I would expect those 11 pages to come out in a minute or two, tops, on this new printer. And at the lowest setting I'd still get finer output.

As you can probably tell, I'm very happy with this printer. :-)

Now to set up the FAX machine... ;-)

Written on October 31, 2002