Cyan's moving out

Our 4.5 year-old daughter Cyan told us tonight that she's moving out of the house because she's upset that she is half-Chinese.

She said Mommy is Chinese, but she's only half-Chinese and that upsets her. She said that Cheryl's mom is Chinese, and her uncles are Chinese, but she isn't. That was no good. She wants to be full-Chinese like everyone else... everyone but Daddy, anyway. I told her that Daddy is German and Dutch, so she is half-Chinese, and quarter German, quarter Dutch. "I'm nothing!", she exclaimed!

She asked why doesn't Mommy live with her Mommy and Daddy, because they are Chinese and her uncles are and they all live together. (I guess she figures all the Chinese people are supposed to live in one house)

I wish I had video-taped the whole conversation, because it was priceless. :-) We tried to figure out where this all came from, and she said something about my Mom talking about her being half-Chinese. We'll have to have a little talk with Oma to find out what happened.


Written on October 25, 2002