bbum on DVD costs, I disagree

bbum is impressed that DVDs are so cheap: $10 to $22 USD, noting that $22 is cheaper than two people going to a movie theater.

When I was living in California I was amazed at how EXPENSIVE they were. Most DVDs were between $20 and $25. When you consider that brand new, new-release DVDs are typically around $18 - 25 CDN up here, and the exchange range is 1.55 CDN per 1 USD, it's not hard to see how badly Americans are being ripped off.

CDs are even worse though. I only bought 2 CDs while living south of the border. I paid $14.99 USD (approx. $23.25 CDN) for one and $18.99 USD (approx. $29.40 CDN) for the other. I know I could have got each of those for around $14 CDN here in Victoria at a number of stores.

It's no wonder piracy is so bad in the US.

Written on October 7, 2002