The CBC is doomed

Canadians responding on CBC regarding their inability to retain Ron MacLean, by all standards a legend in Canadian broadcasting and one of the nicest, most honest people you could ever hope to have represent our national treasure on our national television station, are for the most part furious, disgusted, and flabbergasted.

I like many other Canadians don't know how I'll enjoy Hockey Night in Canada without Ron from Red Deer. How do you have Coach's Corner with Don, and not Ron? Like one person said, "Abbott without Costello. Martin without Lewis. Fred without Ginger."

What are they going to do, have Brian Williams take over? It was more than enough having him on during the Olympics during the evening sessions.

What the CBC needed was TWO Ron MacLeans, not ZERO! What a joke. your comments about the news -- Sportscaster Ron MacLean and CBC part ways

Written on September 30, 2002