Forever Hawks

Yesterday evening I posted a message in the discussion group about news of the USA's new world-domination-based military policy.

Now the BBC has an article up about it.

BBC NEWS: US plans for first strikes

'Our correspondent says that to some countries, it is likely to confirm their worst fears of American cultural and political imperialism.

But to administration officials, the document follows in a tradition of the US being a shining light to the rest of the world.'

More like a gestapo shining his light in the face of our sovereignty. What is freedom if it's only under the guideline of one nation state?

'Instead, the stated aim is to spread freedom and prosperity throughout the world. And there are promises of increased aid to the developing world.

But the document also singles out China, warning about its military expansion.

"In pursuing advanced military capabilities that can threaten its neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region, China is following an outdated path that, in the end, will hamper its own pursuit of national greatness," it says.'

Do they realize how completely ridiculous that reads? "Do as we say, not as we do," they're telling us. We can have national greatness as long as we don't try to be greater than them. Or else they will destroy us because we could only possibly want to be great to destroy them. Apparently, it's okay for the USA to have a military of unlimited size because they're using it for the good of the whole world, and would never use it to gain unilateral advantage. Never.... silly!

It will be verrrry interesting to follow the international response.

Written on September 21, 2002