RollerWeblogger vs.

Update: As I was writing this, Eric officially recinded the threat of suing David over RollerWeblogger. LOL. How's that for real-time action?

David Johnson: Roller vs. WebloggerZilla

Another non-surprise. It looks like Erin has learned a lot (too much) from Dave Winer. Dave pulled the same stunt on Frontier users in 1998 when he threatened us over the domain name He claimed he had a trademark on the word "Frontier".

Well he didn't, and we knew it, and he knew we knew, but it didn't make sense to make an enemy of the vendor of the software we advocated, so we relented. There are a lot of software products and non-software products and companies that use the word "Frontier". He didn't go after them, as far as I know, but he went after little-old-us, his most fervent potential customers-to-be.

I hope David doesn't give up like we did. It's totally ridiculous to suggest that Erin owns the word weblogger. What a jerk.

Written on September 20, 2002