Canadians respond

After Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretien remarked that the greed of the western nations on the backs of poorer nations (my paraphrasing, that's not exactly his remark) inspired the 9/11 attacks, a New Yorker named Brian O'Hare decided to spout off at Canada and Canadians in a hate-filled rant on

I'm proud to see how Canadians responded to that garbage.

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That page will turn over to the next topic soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, so don't delay. Brian's comments are at the bottom of the page. Remember the Canadian response to Brian O'Hare. We don't have to accept that kind of abuse, and we won't. Next time you wonder why Canadians aren't always America's cheerleaders, remember what Brian had to say and realize how sick Canadians have become of that attitude towards us and the rest of the world.

Written on September 20, 2002