Gary Suter to retire

AP: San Jose defenseman Gary Suter to retire... Good riddens!

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this dirty villian retire from hockey. I have despised him for years. It started with all the cheap shots when he was a Calgary Flame. Frankly, I didn't like him just because he was a Flame, and that was reason enough for an Oilers fan in the late-80's. Then, during the Canada Cup in 1991, he cheaply drilled Wayne Gretzky into the boards from behind with a cross-check, injuring his back badly. He missed the rest of the tournament and his back was never the same.

In 1998, just before the Nagano Olympics, he cross-checked (that means two hands on the stick, push the stick away from your body parallel to your torso) Paul Kariya right in the face(!) just after he scored a goal (yes, the play was over and he was celebrating his goal), giving him a horrific concussion and making him miss the Olympics completely, and the final 28 games of the NHL season after that.

Written on September 10, 2002