Unauthorized weblog republishing

Blogroots: Rethinking Syndication A weblogger's RSS feed is being republished on Nuzee, and he doesn't like it.

This is why I don't have an RSS feed that repurposes the content of this site. I know that that's what will happen, and I don't want that to happen. I know that'll happen because it did happen, and fixing it wasn't fun.

jjg said, 'This is comical. If you publish an RSS feed, you're saying "Please republish my content." That's what RSS is for. What did you think "syndication" meant?"'

I thought RSS stood for Rich Site Summary. It least it did when it was created. Perhaps the RDF folks called RSS 1.0 Real Simple Syndication or something like that, I'm just going from memory, but i don't care. My RSS feed (yes there is one, get it by downloading NetNewsWire Lite) is a summary... headlines only, and will remain that way, because the 'net is full of cowboys and crooks.

Written on September 4, 2002