Baseball avoids strike, whither NHLPA? Baseball avoids strike with last-minute agreement

This is verrrry interesting. The players conceded the luxury tax, essentially a salary cap. It's interesting (to me) because the NHL is facing an immenent lockout or (less likely) strike in two summers, if they don't get a new CBA done by then. The owners, or at least the majority of them (but not necessarily the majority of the power they collectively wield with the league) absolutely must have a salary cap to continue operating.

Now that baseball players have agreed to a salary cap so baseball can survive in smaller markets (in return for ensuring baseball won't eliminate any teams during the four year agreement), the hockey players are going to have to come to the plate and offer essentially the same thing, or end up looking like the greedy assholes and risk huge loss of fan support.

Written on August 30, 2002