Crazy day

Yesterday was a crazy day. We were woken up by a phone call from mom, to tell me my Grandma has had a stroke and was admitted to hospital in Edmonton. That pretty much screwed up the morning, I was frantically trying to figure out how to get to Edmonton quickly, in a way I could afford, and worrying like mad.

Thankfully, Grandma's condition stabilized and is improving, we're told there's no NEED to rush out to Edmonton immediately. Of course I'd love to go there regardless but it's just not something we can afford to do right now, and I don't have time off either. *sigh*

Closer to home though, yesterday Xavier decided to be a smarty-pants. He clapped for the first time, waved for the first time, and got on all fours and rocked, trying to crawl, for the first time.

Written on August 17, 2002