RE: No pictures

Two years and two months ago, I said I wouldn't be able to continue the daily pictures on my site until I had a digital camera.

For those of you who didn't visit HBWT in early 2000, for a few months I had a little picture for each day on the weblog. Here's an example, from the Wayback Machine.

Fast forward to last night: my dream of having a digital camera of my own finally came true! We went to London Drugs at Tillicum Mall and picked up a Nikon Coolpix 4500! I'm really happy about getting this camera -- I drooled over the 900 series for 2 years now, which the 4500 belongs to by virtue of form-factor.

Maybe this weekend I'll find the time to redesign HBWT again to allow for daily pictures. Fun fun!

Written on August 9, 2002