Ready, Willing, and Able

On Thursday, July 25th, HBWT went off the air along with the rest of the sites Macrobyte hosts. Somewhere around July 30th, depending on the mood of your DNS server, HBWT was back online.

So, why no posts until today? I was waiting for the mailing list to come back online. I could have started yesterday, but I was too busy to post then anyway.

An update:

- Xavier's feeling fine now, but Cheryl has been sick for about a week and getting worse rather than better.

- The floor was finally installed in our house last week -- the baseboards and misc. stuff relating to the disaster will hopefully be done by this Wednesday! It's great to finally have a real house back, and be moved back into my office.

- Just in case you didn't know already, Virtual PC rocks. It's sweet to be able to run Linux on top of the Mac, and when a fatal problem occurs, just restore from a backup of the disk image and try again. :-)

Written on August 6, 2002