Life is tough for a 6 month old boy

On Friday, Xavier started to get a fever. By late Saturday night, we felt we could not only not control it but it was getting worse radiply.

We took Xavier to the hospital at 4 AM on Sunday morning. He was diagnosed with a throat infection of some sort and we were sent home with a prescription for Amoxil.

Last night, I got home (that's the inlaws' place right now while our house is out of commission - yes, still) late after working on the house late, and Xavier was all red, blotchy. Sort of like a rash, not spots, more marble-ish. We called the hospital, they said to bring him into emergency again, with the medicine. Another late and long trip to the hospital. Cheryl was kind enough to let me rest at home instead of sitting like a log in the hospital for hours. I needed the rest, I was tuckered out.

You guessed it - he's allergic to Amoxil! Bummer, the banana flavored stuff is really yummy, it was my favourite medicine as a kid. ;-) So now he has to fight this virus (they now say it's a virus) without any antibiotics for a couple days. Then we can take him into our doctor to see what to do next.

Sleep has been rather erratic lately as a result, especially for Cheryl. Today Xavier is 6 months old... poor little guy, it's too bad he's not his usual happy self to enjoy the accomplishment.

Written on July 25, 2002