RCMP posers

RCMP in Burnaby (Vancouver suburb) are posing as squeegee kids to check seat belts...

Reuters: Fake Squeegee Kids Nab Traffic Scofflaws

"The undercover officer washing the window looks inside the car to see if the seat belts are properly attached. If not, they give a quiet signal, and the car is stopped again by a uniformed officer a short distance down the road."

Sneaky! RCMP mention they're learning how hard it is to be a squeegee kid, getting treated badly and ripped off. I wonder if they considered how it is going to be for them now that people might suspect they are cops. Either motorists will put on their seat belts as the squeegee kid approaches, and actually pays after their windows are washed, or they'll completely ignore and avoid them.

Written on July 20, 2002