Stop scraping my site!

Update: 2:25 PM: Mike Krus and I have resolved this issue amicably. Thanks Mike!

Earlier in the day I found my site republished via

If you are reading this site via's feed, you are in violation of the rules of my site. At the bottom of every page it says, and I quote:

"You do not have permission to syndicate or aggregate any content on this site without express written permission from the owner of this site. You may link to it and/or index it to provide search services. That's it."

I am VERY SERIOUS about this. Please discontinue use of this unauthorized feed. I will now write a letter to requesting the feed be removed immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Update, 12:26 PM: I have written Mike Krus about this, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Written on July 12, 2002