Finally, brain surgery!

In 1983, my father had brain surgery to repair an issue with an enlarged blood vessel in his brain that was pushing against the main facial nerve, the trigeminal nerve. This condition is called Trigeminal Neuralgia. As dad's doctor and the TNA put it, it's "universally considered to be the most painful affliction known to medical practice." With emphasis on "most painful". No kidding. It's absolutely brutal.

The surgeon told him then the surgery would give him up to 20 years of relief. Well, last year, the pain started coming back. Mildly (if you can call that pain mild at any degree) at first but now it's worse than ever. Dad's been on every pill they can think of and things are getting worse and worse. Now because of the pills he's taking he's so weak and sick he doesn't want to eat or drink or get out of bed. (It got that bad in the last couple of weeks)

He's been waiting to see the neurosurgeon all year. Now, finally, since things are so so bad, they're admitting him into the hospital in the next couple of days, then run some tests and finally perform surgery to fix him.

Finally! I hate it that he's had to get so sick to get attention, but I'd rather have this surgery behind us sooner and him better faster than have him suffer for months in pain (but not be weak and sick) until they get to him based on the normal schedule.

Whatever procedure they choose will be very risky. We'd like to ask everyone to please keep my dad in your thoughts, and hope and wish that he'll be better very soon. Thanks.

Written on July 9, 2002