Same great features. Better country. debuts in Canada

'" Same great features. Better country." That, says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is the unofficial slogan for the new Canadian version of online retailer that officially launched Tuesday.'

Love the slogan! :) However, there's some controversy, because the competition is saying they're twisting the rubber arm of the law to get their foot in our door.

Personally, I love Amazon the store, it knows what I'm interested in, has good prices and is constantly improving. I think it's important for Canada to protect its culture and heritage from the American Imperialistic Media Goliath, where appropriate, but at the same time, but I don't see any problem with More competition is good, because just doesn't cut it. I know that the Canadian company can do better if it puts its mind and money to it.

It looks like there's at least one weblogger working on I Love Me, vol. I

Written on June 28, 2002