FireWire is iPod's #1 advantage

Dave Winer: "I still wish the iPod just used 802.11b or 10-Base-T to connect."

802.11b would be cool, but it's only up to 11Mbps, and that's the same speed as USB. Being wireless has other advantages, but downloading even 1 CD-worth of music @ 11Mbps is going to be a chore. Just ask owners of non-firewire MP3 players who have to use USB. 10BT is even slower, and too geeky for most people... and people only have 1 ethernet port on their computers... few have hubs. Even 100BT is much much slower than FireWire.

I think it's great that Dave's stopped smoking. Congrats! My dad stopped just like Dave did... he went into the hospital a smoker, and came out an ex-smoker. Mom didn't quit until shortly after my Grandpa died of lung cancer 5 years later. :-(

Written on June 28, 2002