RE: IKEA instinct

Yesterday morning, Cheryl suggested we go to IKEA in Vancouver. We needed a new coffee table (the very old very yucky one is now in the kids' playroom to put the iMac on) and end tables (we had converted them to a satellite dish stand in San Francisco ;-)). Cheryl's brother Shane came along, which was very helpful.

Much to our surprise and delight, we found a coffee table and end tables that match the TV/stereo stands we bought in July last year.

They also had the JUTIS CD stand I wished I bought two of. The first one was $15 US. This one was $35 CDN!! Sigh. And matching rear-speaker stands, which were a much better deal than the CD stand.

We found some barstools that go well with the island in the kitchen, some wooden shelves for my office, and other... um... "versatile solutions for modern living".

Which reminds me, it's been quite a while since I watched Fight Club. :-)

Written on June 17, 2002