Nosebleeds persist

I've had a total of 5 nosebleeds now. When I woke up this morning, I sat up rather quickly, and a nosebleed started immediately.

Then this evening, I was trying to blow my nose a little bit, because I was sooo congested, but it started bleeding. Took well over 15 minutes to get it to stop. Sigh.

I had a nosebleed in San Francisco last year, while I was watching the premiere of The Tick on FOX. I missed nearly the whole show as a result.

Going farther back... when I was 18, I had a vicious nosebleed overnight. I woke up with my pillow soaked with blood all the way through, my face and hair covered in blood, the blanket and sheets, and my shirt. I don't remember any nosebleeds between then and San Francisco.

I have an appoointment to see my doctor this morning. I hope she can figure it out! The only other possible cause I can think of (other than stress, allergies or the cold I have) is that about 5 days ago I slightly adjusted the nose-pads of my glasses, to make them a little tighter, so they would sit a little higher on my nose.

Okay, I can think of one other reason. Having to work at my parent's place all day while Dad watches Court TV. ;-)

Written on June 11, 2002