Almost completely packed

I set aside enough clothes to wear to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of my clothes are all packed in my big suitcase. I have a matching smaller suitcase, but it won't fit all the stuff I need to bring home.

I think what I'm going to do is buy one of those nice carry-on bags... the kind you see the "professional travellers" with, that exactly fit the maximum size the FAA allows for carry-on baggage. A little pull out handle and wheels so I can pull it around instead of carry it. That'll be nice, because in the future, when I need to go on short trips, I can pack my clothes and anything else I need in that and completely avoid checking in luggage, saving a huge amount of time on both ends of the flight.

As Mr. Burns would say, Exxccellent...

Written on May 28, 2002