RE: Plugging the Analog Hole

Brian Carnell reports that the MPAA has gotten even more perverse and.... evil to the point that they want to put chips in Analog-to-Digital converters to prevent them from copying copyrighted material!!!

PLEASE AMERICANS - WOULD YOU ___WAKE UP___ AND MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE ABOUT THIS!!! I continue to be amazed at how people are just rolling over (bending over) and letting the MPAA steamroll (butt fuck) them.

Write your congressman/woman, senator, governer, everyone you can. Express your feelings about this and the other things the MPAA/RIAA are trying to do to destroy your rights and enjoyment of entertainment. Stage protests outside music/video stores, outside studios, even the houses of musicians and actors... anything to get them to take notice.

Thank you. - Protecting fair-use rights in the digital world

Written on May 24, 2002