spam on the webobjects-newbies list

Today, some twit supposedly named Tony Drum posted three messages to the webobjects-newbies list I moderate at Yahoo! Groups about an iPlanet-focused web site.

As soon as I noticed this today I removed him from the list and banned his email address (a email address).

I sent this message to the Yahoo! Groups abuse department:

"Tony Drum ( posted three identical messages to the webobjects-newbies group today advertising a site about iPlanet, a competing product.

It is inappropriate to be sending spam to lists about products completely unrelated to the group. People do not subscribe to a -newbies list for general industry marketing messages to be broadcast to them.

I have removed and banned this user from the webobjects-newbies group.

If his actions fall outside of your Acceptable Use Policy I
suggest you take the appropriate action.

Thank you,

Jim Roepcke
webobjects-newbies moderator"


Written on May 23, 2002