Offering of Netflix Brings in $82.5 Million

NYTimes: Offering of Netflix Brings in $82.5 Million

What does this mean for Netflix? It seems like when a company IPOs and becomes a part of the only-this-quarter's-results-matters corporate machine one of the first things that happens is customer service is slashed and the screws are tightened on the customers.

(There are exceptions, Amazon for one, who continues to add more friendly and useful services to its site, for customers and associates. No, I don't own Amazon stock.)

As I've mentioned before, I cancelled my subscription because Netflix refused not to bill me for months I didn't use their service. And now that I'm moving back to Canada, I won't be able to use their service anyway (unless they recently added Canadian service and I somehow missed it).

Hopefully Netflix will use the money for good and not evil... oh, and bring it's rental business to Canada! ;-)

Written on May 23, 2002