This is hellah stupid

It's been a long time since I've bothered to read Winerlog. I've been as interested in that as I have been in the whole UserLand soap opera. But this stupid outage that _will_ _not_ _die_ had me wondering what they were saying about it. I agree completely with this comment:

winerlog: "But nothing's going to change. Dave's apparently going to continue to set things up in a half-assed manner (samba and subnets? sheesh, how stupid is that?) Dave, stop the insanity and pay someone with network management skills to get this fixed the right way."

When I read all this worm and samba nonsense on Scripting News, I was shaking my head. Come on, get this mess cleaned up properly, get some proper systems management in place, maybe even some redundancy. There have got to be literally a THOUSAND software/hardware/network engineers within less than 50 miles of Dave's house that are out of work or otherwise available, and fully capable of getting their systems set up and working properly in no more than a day at minimal cost.

This is very embarassing.

Written on May 4, 2002