Spider-Man is Amazing

I saw the Spider-Man movie on Friday afternoon. It was worth waiting 10 years for. I was sitting their in awe, it was nearly as magical as child birth. You have to understand that I have been a MAJOR, I repeat, MAJOR, Spider-Man fan for more than 15 years.

They told the story of the origin of Spidey (from the bite, through the Uncle Ben story, any beyond) better than I imagined it could be on the big screen. The costume and the movements were translated exactly as I imagined he would look and move. Peter Parker was portrayed perfectly. I don't know if there's an Oscar for casting, but if there was, Spider-Man should win hands-down. Toby is the absolute perfect Peter Parker. Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin was top notch. Kirsten Dunst is a very convincing MJ, from the looks to the attitude, it was just unfortunate they gave her such an uncomplicated role to play.... they could have given MJ way better lines and prominence. Oh well... they had to focus on the origin of Spidey for this one, there's 2 more sequels coming, and I can't wait.

If it takes another 10 years to make Spidey 2 as good as the first one, I'd wait. But we know that won't happen, Sony/Columbia will want it out in 12-24 months. I just hope that doesn't mean it's going to suck.

The Hulk preview looked kinda neat, and I can't wait for X-Men 2 either. Kevin Smith is doing Daredevil (this is gonna kick serious ass), and there's a Sub-Mariner movie in the works too apparently.

Good for Marvel! Congrats!

Oh, and there's a VERY VERY brief cameo of Stan Lee in the movie. He was only on screen but for an instant, but it was so damn cool.


Written on May 4, 2002