Chimerians going it alone

David Hyatt: Confessions of a Mozillian

'A common question is going to be, "I want to write code! Can I help?" The quick answer is, "If we need your help, we'll ask for it." The best way you can help is by building the products, testing them, making suggestions in newsgroups and mailing lists, and filing bugs.'

I filed a bug, asked for help in downloading the source code (the CVS server wasn't sending .nib files properly), but it took days and days to finally get a response. The information on the chimera website was out of date and I was downloading from the wrong repository.

The releases are coming fast and furious, and that's great, but as someone who can't run Chimera (I think it's because it's being built on 10.1.4 and there's an incompatibility somewhere with 10.1.3), it's frustrating to offer help testing and fixing bugs and not being able to.

Written on April 26, 2002