MyWorkTools... thanks!

I needed to do an expense report today, and didn't want to reinvent the wheel. First I loaded Word v.X and tried to find an Expense Report in its Project Gallery. No go. Then I realized that's really a spreadsheet job, so I opened Excel v.X and looked in its Project Gallery. Nada.

I was honestly surprised by this.

(Note: I just found an Expense Report template in my personal copy of Office v.X on my PowerBook, but I didn't look there originally because at the time I assumed that they had the same set of templates. I guess the installation of Office I did at work didn't include all the templates. D'oh!)

Anyway (blushing), I went to Google and looked for excel expense report template. I found this: - HR - Simple Expense Report Form Tool Preview

I downloaded the form. It's an .exe file, so I opened up Virtual PC 5 and dragged the file onto my Windows 2000 desktop. Turns out it's just a WinZip self-expanding file... hm, I wonder if Stuffit Expander knows how to open those. Anyway.... ;-)

Copied the file back to my work machine and off I went. It's a handy little spreadsheet, and it was free! Thanks MyWorkTools!

Written on April 22, 2002