Whaddaya know, it still works!

As I mentioned yesterday, I received a copy of dynAuthor, a Frontier suite I wrote over 5 yrs. ago. It's a multi-user web-based website editing and publishing environment for Frontier's Website Framework.

Version 2.0b1 was tested on Mac OS (8.x I presume), and Windows NT 4. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see it run without modification on Radio 8 on Mac OS X. Neither the app or the operating system even existed when that code was released. That's impressive... I guess the code was cleaner than I give myself credit for. ;-) Of course what's 10x more impressive is that Radio 8 for Mac OS X is so totally backwards compatible! Kudos to UserLand. :-)

I still had to replace UserLand's copy of webServer.sendPartial with my own, since it was broken then and is still broken now, but that's no big deal since it's all but deprecated. dynAuthor is probably the only suite that still tries to use sendPartial. The only other thing I had to do was copy the CGI responder from an old copy of Frontier into user.webserver.responders.

Written on April 15, 2002