More rollerblading... ouch, my sore plantar fascia

I went Rollerblading again today, sort of. I only went out 12 minutes today. That's so little that it hardly counts. My back was aching early this time, and so were my feet... perhaps they're still tender from yesterday's first outing of the year.

It doesn't help that I have plantar fasciitis, which makes my feet ache a lot to begin with. (I was diagnosed last week in Victoria) The catch 22 is that losing weight is a treatment, and in my case probably a significant treatment, but it's hard to lose weight when my feet hurt whenever i try to exercise on my feet.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS, HEEL SPURS or when the heel is a heel

I've looked into joining a health club here but they're so darn expensive! I haven't found one that is reasonably priced. (ie: $20 a month, max.)

Written on April 7, 2002