And Cricket too

Not the kind with the bat and wicket though... the kind with darts and a computer-monitored dartboard and scoreboard.

After the hockey game last night I played darts with Chuck. Chuck plays in a league and tournaments, so he's pretty darn good. He has a very cool coin-op pub-style darts system. It can score a number of games, singles or teams, handicaps, and provides detailed statistics.

First we played 301. Well, that's kinda fun but all it requires you to do is hit the dart board and get lucky a couple times. Then we played Cricket. Now THAT is a cool game! I found a page that explains it reasonably well. I was confused until part way through the first game. There's lots of strategy involved, and it actually requires you to be able to hit particular segments of the dartboard, meaning the score is much less random. :-)

My arm is a little sore today, as I expected last night. I throw the dart harder than Chuck and any other decent dart player does. I've tried in the past to throw properly, but it just doesn't work at all, while I can get decent accuracy (albiet with a lot of wasted energy) the way I throw.

I went into Big 5 Sports today to buy new shoes and some sports shorts, and I saw a computerized (cricket compatible) dart board. $269. Sweeeet. Not a standup coin-op dealie like Chuck has, but a dart board with a computerized scoring board underneath. Plenty good enough for me though, I imagine!

Cool, a Cricket scoring app for the Newton!

Written on April 7, 2002