Oilers grease skid

To the people who still don't believe me when I try to explain how much Edmontonians and Calgarians hate each other, check this out:

Calgary Sun: Oilers grease skid

'Leave it to the good folks of Edmonton to make life even more gut-wrenching for the Calgarians.

A mere 17 minutes into last night's contest at the Skyreach Centre, perhaps establishing some kind of record, the mischievous northern Albertans serenaded the visitors with a hearty chorus of the Na-na, hey-hey, goodbye song.

Then, just to twist the knife a little, the Oilers in the second period ran a vignette on the scoreboard with a snaggle-toothed dolt in a Flames jersey proclaiming: "I'm from Calgary and I'm stupid."'

Ahhhh... (deep breath, exhale) nothing like a good Calgary joke to start the week off right!

Written on March 25, 2002