Microsoft still can't figure it out

I've complained about MSN's broadcasting of NHL games since, well since the first time I tried it. And just about every time I try, something goes wrong. Tonight is no exception.

They're still playing the Oilers/Sharks game from March 20th rather than the Oilers/Flames game that started an hour ago.


Update: In an act of total desperation, I decided I could listen to the Flames' radio broadcast of the game instead of Edmonton's. I'm listening, it starts off talking a commentator for Flames hockey that past away yesterday. Then they say they're getting back to the Flames/Sharks game! WHAT? Another Sharks game?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Does anyone know who I can email, call, whatever, to complain about this? I can't find anywhere I can reach someone even remotely accountable for this bullshit.

Written on March 24, 2002