Canadian soldiers doing us proud

A message Brian posted in the discussion group about Canada's snipers reminded me of this story I read a couple days ago:

CNEWS: Canadians are poor cousins in coalition

There are some pretty interesting things in this article. It makes me very proud of the Canadian military to learn how skilled and prepared they are. And apparently they can make a machine gun out of a "sack of shit". ;-) It certainly sounds like they're paying their way over there. (that sentence contained all three forms of the "there" homonym)

A quote from the article Brian found:

"They are said to have the highest number of confirmed kills of any regular army unit in the battle, though they deny it."

They didn't mention it in the article, but I've heard they also apologize everytime they snipe someone, were very sorry it took them so long to rescue the 101st Airborne Division, and took the blame for nearly being shot up by a US Apache helicopter... "it's our rag-tag clothes, who could blame the gunner, we looked like hell". Bizarrely, they also confine themselves to a little box for two minutes every time they fail to stick to the plan.

Fighting like true Canadians. ;-)

Written on March 22, 2002