Brian Carnell on RadioNYT

I will defer my opinion of the NYT being on Radio8 to Brian Carnell, since he's already said it and saves me the typing. ;-)

Brian Carnell: Dave Winer Drops a Stink Bomb

'If City Desk or Blogger or any of his competitors reached such an exclusive partnership with the NYT, Winer would be throwing a royal fit on his web site, complaining about how it locks users into a single vendor (which it does).'

And then:

'Exactly. It's completely contrary to all of Winer's evangelism on this topic. I thought proprietary formats linked to partnership deals were the problem, not the solution.

How is this any different than if Microsoft went to the NYT and said, "hey, we're going to come up with a syndication application and we'll make a deal with you to offer your headlines exclusively in our new, proprietary syndication format."

Yeah, that would go over real well. But Winer does exactly that and nobody seems to notice or care (Doc Searls would have already written a half dozen posts denouncing Microsoft by now).'

Also see the full thread on Brian's site.

Written on March 21, 2002