Belgian joke

Fabien Roy, a co-worker of mine told a funny joke today. It reminded me of how Patrice Gautier (my previous manager from NetStruxr) would tell funny Belgian jokes. Fabien told me he had a good Belgian joke, and this is what he said...

One day, the Belgians told their King they were fed up with the French making jokes about the stupid Belgians.

So the Belgian king met with the French president and said, "We have to do something about this... how about you guys do something stupid so we can laugh about it?"

The French president said, "Okay, we'll build a bridge in the desert."

The Belgian king went home with news that the French had built a bridge in the desert, and the Belgians were laughing and laughing. In fact, they wouldn't stop laughing.

Eventually, the Belgian king had put a stop to this. He went back to France and told the president, "Okay, that was funny but we really need to end this. You can destroy the bridge now..."

The French president replied, "Well we would except for all the Belgians fishing on it."

Written on March 13, 2002