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Tom Negrino, on Backup Brain:

"We've seen, in starkest terms, that the rest of NATO will not fight alongside the US after the US was attacked, as they were sworn to do."

That's baloney. There are people from Canada, Britain, Norway and Germany (at least) fighting alonside the Americans in Operation Anaconda, and they've been there for quite a while previous to that.

I don't know the number of people from Canada, but I know there's at least 750 in Afghanistan, probably over a thousand, and well over 2 thousand in total including the naval forces and other operations.

What an insult. What do you expect NATO to do, start detaining people without charges, bomb the shit out of other countries and start throwing out insults towards other countries like "axis of evil" and "evildoers" at every opportunity?

If the USA isn't happy with NATO, and Americans don't appreciate our help, maybe NATO should just kick the USA out rather than wait for their resignation. We don't need that kind of ally either.

PS: I don't think that should happen, it's just a counter-insult. I've heard American colonels and generals stand up and say how much they appreciate the Canadian involvement, that they're doing a great job and are a major asset.


Okay, now I read the article Tom's pointing to and I'm even more insulted. America hasn't even declared WAR on anyone... the idea of military alliances isn't to just go take out whatever political regimes you don't like, unless you want the world to be in a perpetual state of mass war.

And that bullshit about America saving Europe in WWII? Fuck off. (not directed at Tom, directed at the USS Clueless guy -- what an appropriate name) It wasn't until Pearl Harbor that America even gave a shit about WWII... Canada and Britain and the rest of Europe was involved in trying to repel the Nazis for over two years before the Americans came in. To say the war was won only because of the USA is enough to make me want to puke, and to say the war wouldn't have been won without them is just as vitriolic.


Written on March 9, 2002