UserLand's Back-Door Sell

DaveNet: Our Back-Door Sell

"With Radio at $39.95 per user, and Manila at $899 per server, and the community server at $XXX, I think we'll do pretty well."

I was initially super-duper excited about the Radio Community Server. I still am.. but I had a case of sticker shock when I saw "less than $1K per network per year".

It's no coincidence that the Frontier community re-awakened when a lost-cost option to use the platform re-emerged. Things haven't been this active since 5.0.2b20, the last free version of Frontier... when 5.1 was released and it cost $899, the community collapsed.

If RCS is a back door sell, I think it should support the small guys too... especially since they're going to make it run on a $39.95 product. (What's the point of a low barrier to entry if the 2nd barrier is way higher?)

I have no idea what RCS is going to cost. (UserLand's calling the price $XXX right now.) But... (pundit mode on) I recommend UserLand considers graduated pricing based on the size of the community. For a community that's only 5 people, $40 gets them Radio, and ... $XXX/4 gets them RCS. (the size of a small project team). For 20 people, $XXX/2 (a small/medium size department). For unlimited users, $XXX. (a whole company, community)

I've been thinking of which communities of people (and which leaders of those communities) could benefit from RCS, and letting their communities/fans/followers blog together. The list is huge. Those big communities would be wise to get RCS... even $XXX dirt cheap.

If RCS doesn't get graduated pricing, then I'd defend the price by saying it's worth it for the out-of-the-box experience (assuming it's as easy to get up and running as Radio itself is).

BTW, if RCS was $[0-3]XX, I don't think graduated pricing would be an issue at all.

Written on March 8, 2002