Macromedia ... Backs Mac

OsOpinion: Macromedia Unveils Flash MX, Backs Mac

"Wittman told NewsFactor that an important part of making Flash MX a multiplatform-compliant, feature-rich release was eliminating the legacy code base."

"[In] this release, we found that supporting the newest versions of OS 9 and OS X [was] extremely important to our customers. Therefore, we were able to remove legacy boundaries and significantly improve our code base to better support the enhancements in the more modern operating systems," Wittman said. "Our entire engineering team spent five months re-architecting the Macintosh authoring tool."

You have no idea how much it pisses me off to read that. And you have to imagine the folks at Apple are ready to throw punches too.

Adobe, Macromedia, Quark and Microsoft all bitched and moaned about Rhapsody, because they'd have to rearchitect their apps to use the YellowBox (now called Cocoa). Now, after all the work to make Carbon and the years of delays it caused for OSX, they're throwing away their code-bases anyway. And why? Because they sucked to begin with.

Grrr. Now we're stuck with Carbon for god knows how long. (Stomping and whining) And YellowBox would have had their apps running on Windows and Rhapsody for Intel on the same fucking codebase.


Written on March 5, 2002