bbum on OSX profiles

Yesterday, Bill Bumgarner wrote a great rant, in full bbum style about Apple's installer, crazy classic user thinking, and how to set up your OS X machine so it's easy to back up and restore your profile on any machine.

This is what I love about Bill. He's a natural-born-blogger. Bill does this all the time, these long, informative rants. If you've ever met Bill, been subscribed to a mailing list he's on, or attended the same session as him at WWDC, you know what I mean. No one does it like bbum.

Bill really cares about this stuff. An example: on September 13, 2001 I got an email from Bill (whose office is/was in Manhattan):

"[Jim: I wrote this on the train on the way into NYC tuesday morning. Never got the chance to send it before the city-- and CodeFab's internet connectivity with it-- exploded. Can you post this to -newbies (if it is still relevant)? We are all OK, btw.... thanks.]"

The message was a 300 word (short by Bill's standards but given the situation pretty incredible) response to a question on the webobjects-newbies mailing list. Incredible.

Written on March 5, 2002