Flash MX is announced

Robert and Robb shed some light on the Flash MX announcement this morning.

CNET has a story about it... Flash: More than just eye candy

Robert's take on Bump was very interesting to me, I didn't know anything about the ColdFusion integration. It's obvious if you think about it for even 5 seconds, but I hadn't, because I haven't had much interest in either Flash or ColdFusion. But now I do.

For a long time I've mostly ignored Flash... thinking it was bad for the web. Whether that's true or not is not the point anymore... the point is, in my position, I'm in no position to put my head in the sand and just pretend it doesn't exist. Time to get up to speed, evaluate things with open eyes.

Thankfully, my new boss is a dynamic Flash expert. This will help.

Written on March 4, 2002