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First post with my wireless gear

I just installed the most recent version of the wireless driver for Darwin/Mac OS X.

Disconnected the ethernet, plugged in the card, set up the network name and WEP key, and bango, I'm online... WiFi. Unfortunately, since my PowerBook's battery is essentially toast, I can't really use it without being tethered to the wall. (Otherwise I would have set up the WiFi part of my new Linksys router the second it arrived! :-))

So, now I just need the battery.



Also from Matt's blog: Google loves weblogs

This is a very cool story. Weblogs are not a fad. This magic lamp doesn't have a cork. I don't claim weblogs are the huge movement some do, but I won't deny it either.

By the way. Andrew, Justin, Alex, John, Cheryl, Mom, Kevin, Shad, Shane... where are your weblogs? I wish you had one. I'd read it every time you updated it. I want to read your blog. Set one up! I'll help you if you want.


That explains it

WSJ (kinda):Pop Singer Falls To Strike a Chord Despite the Millions Spent By MCA

"Deregulation of the radio industry in 1996 has led station owners to consolidate into a few big companies, which are under pressure to maximize profits and pull songs off the air that aren't instant nationwide hits."

So that's why I have to listen to that damn Nickelback song* 5 times a day and never hear anything more than 4 months old. That's one thing I've not yet complained about (YYSW). Listening to music on the radio down here sucks ass big time.

* Never made it as a wise man
I couldn't cut it as A poor man stealing
Tired of living like a blind man
I'm sick of
hearing this song every time I turn on the radio.

And to think, Nickelback is Canadian... they rock, but hey, even Don Cherry is only given the mic once a week!

BTW, I found that story on Matt Goyer's weblog. He's posted some great stuff in the last while, I read his entire homepage top to bottom. (Another good Canadian kid ;-))


So many weblogs, so little time

You know what I hate about weblogs.com? It points to too many weblogs.
You know what I hate about weblogs? There are too many really good ones.
You know what I hate about really good ones? I want to keep up with them.
You know what I hate about keeping up with them? I can't.

I hate it when I can't. But I love to try. :-)

Somewhere in the midle there is balance. That is what I'm really trying to find. Soon I will have even less time for keeping up with the 'net.

Sometimes I think, if I have to keep up with the 'net to keep my edge, how am I going to do that and still be the kind of dad I want to be and my kids deserve, and the kind of husband I want to be and Cheryl deserves?

Gotta find balance. Gotta be good.


Sam Ruby’s BDG to WSDL

Sam Ruby: A Busy Developers Guide to WSDL 1.1

Thanks Sam! I'm a busy developer and your document helped. :-)


Java 1.4 for OS X Preview in May

On Inspirational Technology, Kimbro says Apple's announced a Java 1.4 Preview will be available at WWDC in May. That's very good news.

From my PoV, the best reason to upgrade to 1.4 is the masive speed increase in the Reflection API. Why? Key-Value Coding, one of the, if tnot THE central pattern in WebObjects, is entirely Reflection-driven. That means WO apps will get a massive speed increase once deployed on Java 1.4.

That's less than 3 months away... Woohoo! (of course, it'll probably be something like November or January before a 1.4 final is released, but, at least it's happening!)

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PCs Are Incorrect on TV

Wired: PCs Are Incorrect on TV

The good guys use Macs while the bad guys use PCs. Makes sense to me!



I think I'll bring my Rollerblades down with me next time I return to Orange County.

I just need to find a park where I can skate. The speed limits on the residential roads here are too high, I don't feel comfortable skating on the road or sidewalk.


WO 5.1 demo in Seattle, 20020312

Apple will be demoing WebObjects 5.1 at the Seattle dBug Macintosh users group meeting on March 12th.

If you're in the area, check it out. Especially if you're not a WebObjects developer. If you don't know what you're missing, here's your chance to find out. :-)

Disclaimer: Don't blame me if you hate your job on March 13th.


The Kit Tool for Radio

Mark Paschal has an interest kit of tools for Radio UserLand called... Kit.

Among other things, it has a web-based QuickScript form (meaning, you can enter and run UserTalk scripts on the server, from your browser), and a very cool outline/script editor done with DHTML/DOM/CSS/JS. This is a feature I would have LOVED to be able to do in 1997 when I was working on dynAuthor, a web-based Frontier object database browser and editor. The power didn't exist in the browsers back then.