I finally have broadband! :)

You might recall that I didn't have broadband internet access the entire time I was in the Bay Area, and that I wasn't too happy about that.

Last night I moved into a room in Irvine where I'll be staying while I'm working down here. They have COX Cable Internet access, and 3 IP leases (of which 1 is for the room I'm in). I couldn't get it working last night, DHCP should have just worked.

Today I learned (from the previous tenant,who happens to be a co-worker) the cable modem agressively held the lease for his TiBook's MAC address (MAC addresses are unique IDs for ethernet devices... therefore, my IP was still reserved for his machine and his machine only). So we just turned off the cable modem for a couple minutes, turned it on, and BINGO! my new Linksys WAP/Router has a DHCP lease!

Woohoo! Finally, after 2 weeks short of one year since I first moved to California, I have broadband access.

Written on March 2, 2002