Think OUT of the box

Tom's getting a dual-gigaMac, but...

"there's no damn way I'm going to switch machines until the book is done; only a fool changes their production computer in the middle of a project. So the new computer will have to sit in the box for a few weeks."

No it doesn't Tom! (Think OUT of the box... ;-)) Have Amazon ship it to my place... I'll set it up for you however you like and keep it company while you finish the book. No foolin'! At least that way you'll know if any of the components are lemonish before you start using it full time, and I can take care of shipping it to Apple for you if anything goes wrong with it. I'm just sitting here in Southern California by myself with nothing better to do.

See what a nice guy I am? ;-)

(This reminds me of the Herlihy Boy House-Sitting Service on SNL)

Written on February 27, 2002